The scenario is as following. There is an Windows Server 2012 running on which an Hyper-V server is running. And users are able to RDP (remote desktop) to the virtual (Hyper-V) server. So normally I can RDP from HQ both the physical and virtual (Hyper-V).

The problem started after the users started getting the storage is full message when trying to connect the Virtual server I tried to RDP the physical server but it keeps failing. But strangely enough pinging works for both of them...

So I then tried RDP the virtual one and what gives.. It connects! BUT I now get an error saying access denied (the credentials are correct, with wrong ones I can't even connect to it).

I also let the users on remote reboot the server, it stays the same... Only option is to go there and fix it locally I guess..

But anyway, how is this possible? Did someone else also have something like this?

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