I made a snapshot of a Windows 10 VM and now if I try to restore it with virt-manager or with this command virsh snapshot-revert win10 "bef kg" I get this error:

error: internal error: qemu unexpectedly closed the monitor: red_qxl_loadvm_commands: 
id 0, group 0, virt start 0, virt end ffffffffffffffff, generation 0, delta 0
id 1, group 1, virt start 7fa74bc00000, virt end 7fa753bfe000, generation 0, delta 7fa74bc00000
id 2, group 1, virt start 7fa743a00000, virt end 7fa74ba00000, generation 0, delta 7fa743a00000

(process:7279): Spice-CRITICAL **: 15:35:15.869: memslot.c:122:memslot_get_virt: address generation is not valid, group_id 1, slot_id 0, gen 1, slot_gen 0

I really need to revert to this snapshot, any idea how to make it work?

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