Whenever I try to restore a database in SQL Server the dialogs take an excessively long time to open. The worst offender seems to be the "Select backup devices" modal sub-dialog from the Restore Database dialog. It usually takes 20-30 seconds to open the modal, even though it has no information and would open instantly in any other application. I've included a screenshot below.

I've found a similar question here on DBA stack exchange, but it's not an exact match, the solution doesn't work for me, and I felt this question was better suited to ServerFault since it has more to do with the management application than anything SQL related.

Can anyone tell me why this dialog is so slow to open, and (ideally) how to make it open more quickly? Thanks!


Screenshot of the restore dialog and its child modal

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    It’s probably enumerating devices / drives. So start by suspecting an anti-virus, or faulty mapped network drives, or non-responsive drives showing up on the system. – Appleoddity May 8 '18 at 23:22
  • @Appleoddity I don't have any network drives. The only drives on my system are high performance M.2 SSDs that open instantly in File Explorer. They do have bitlocker enabled but that should be abstracted away from SQL Server for the purpose of reading the file system. – Jake May 9 '18 at 1:28

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