Hi I'm running a freenas system where I have two jails. One jail is broken in a way that I cannot start the mariadb server anymore due to userland and kernel version mismatch. So I created a new jail where I installed the mariadb server. Now I want to migrate the old mariadb instance with all the data and settings to the new one. All instructions I can find refer to a running source instance where the data is dumped and then moved to the new instance. How can I migrate the data with a stopped mariadb server? I still have shell access to the jail that is the source server.

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    You can just copy all of the data files. – Michael Hampton May 11 '18 at 17:03
  • And will not forget to change files permissions by command chmod -R mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql. – Mikhail Khirgiy May 12 '18 at 4:08
  • I found some files in var/db/mysql some have the names of my databases, but what files do I need for the user settings? – daeda May 12 '18 at 19:59

Ok I copied everything fro var/db/mysql on the old server to var/db/mysql on the new server and changed the rights like already mentioned.

Everything works fine again.

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