How do I map a windows network drive to an AS400 (IBM iSeries) IFS folder?

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To map to an IFS folder from a Windows machine on the network, you must first share it using iSeries Navigator. Ask your AS/400 server admin, or someone with enough authority to create the share. Here are instructions for creating a share:

  1. Open iSeries Navigator
  2. Connect to your AS/400 system.
  3. Expand Network->Servers
  4. Click TCP/IP to see a list of servers.
  5. Right-click on iSeries NetServer and click Open
  6. Right-click on shared objects and then click New and then File.

You also need to have the netserver job running on the AS/400. You can start it from iSeries Navigator or using the following AS/400 command if it isn't running:


After that, you map just like any Windows server. You can use the NET USE command, right-click on my computer and map a drive, or type the address in your explorer window like \\NetServerName\

A big issue to consider is the name of your net server does not have to be the same as the name of your AS/400. Many systems like to put a Q in front of the name as the netserver name. You'll find this in the NetServer properties screen in iSeries Navigator. You may have to add this system name to your local hosts file or your DNS server, if you have access to that.


A Customer of mine has an AS/400 and after an OS upgrade last week on the '400 they wondered about getting a copy of "Client Access" off of the system using the Windows File and Print Sharing protocol.

I found that I could get a "drive mapping" to the AS/400 by executing the following from a command-prompt:

NET USE * \\as-400-name-or-ip\QIBM /USER:as-400-username as-400-password

Put quotes around the AS/400 password if it has spaces in it.


You have to have NetServer running on the AS/400 and then you can map to the IFS.

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