We have noticed that on a specific day in a week the load average on redhat nfs cluster goes high & i am unable to find the root cause for this.

disk read/writes are also okay on this day. Has anyone got such issue with redhat NFS cluster server?.

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Is this actually a problem, is response times for users degraded?

Linux Load Averages: Solving the Mystery

Linux load averages are "system load averages" that show the running thread (task) demand on the system as an average number of running plus waiting threads.

If they are higher than your CPU count, then you might have a performance problem (it depends).

To get the list of running tasks for everyone, run something like ps -ref and note the PIDs containing STAT of R. Or run top and look for R in the S column.

Identify processes, and determine what the resource they are limited by. Highly dependent on what exactly is in the run queue. The approach in general is called the Thread State Analysis (TSA) Method.

And, what does disk being "okay" mean? How many IOPS does it do, what are the read and write response time statistics, is it spindles or solid state?

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