I've read several threads on here about how to redirect an IP address to a domain. I'm currently setting up our development server inside the company network and thus we've set a "virtual" domain in the DNS of our main server.

So far all applications were installed running on {IP}:{Port}. Now I'd like to change that to the domain, since it's easier to use and read and because cookies differ for IP and domain respectively (thus preventing issues).

Obviously since I am running applications which require a specific port the redirects I've found do not work.

I tried the following settings in IIS Url Rewrite:

**Pattern:** {.\*}
**Condition:** {SERVER_NAME} matches **
**Action:** Redirect *Permanent* to `http://dev.myserver.de:{SERVER_PORT}/{R:1}`

But that does simply not work. My local browser just keeps using the IP based URL. I also tried using rewrite and other types of redirect. Why is this so?


Try using {HTTP_HOST} as the variable to match against instead of SERVER_NAME. The documentation suggests that SERVER_NAME will produce the canonical name of the box rather than what was in the host header of the request.

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