I have 3 BlobStorage in Azure with limited access with a Virtual network, I would you like run script with AzureAutomation that will snapshot objects into accounts.

But when I do a test pan I have a problem access. So I tought Azure's IP Public in my location (WestEurope), I thought the added in Firewall's Blob Storage but there are 110 Ip range. the problem is that I can't add more than 100 in firewall's blobStorage.

So how I can do that ?

Thanks !


If you're using Storage Endpoints to restrict access to your storage account then it is going to be difficult to add access for Azure Automation directly, as you saw there are a large number of possible IP ranges and they increase regularly.

Your best option would be to run an Azure Automation hybrid worker inside your vNet. That way you can still run your jobs through Azure Automation, but they will execute inside your vNet.

  • Thanks for your help. I try your solution and I come back. Thanks Again ! – Goems May 17 '18 at 14:12

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