I've tried to filter (using nftables, but I'm open for a change if it works using iptables) traffic coming from an IPv4 network to an IPv6 network, but can't figure out how to do it.

Suppose I have a file with this rule:

table inet filter {
    chain networkfilter {
        type filter hook input priority 0; policy accept;
        ip saddr ip6 daddr fd00:0:0:1::/64 drop

When I try to load it using nft -f notworking.nftables it gives me the following message:

notworking.nftables:4:30-38: Error: conflicting protocols specified: ip vs. ip6
ip saddr ip6 daddr fd00:0:0:1::/64 drop

How do I properly filter between networks of different IP versions?


There is neither a possibility nor a need to filter traffic between IPv4 and IPv6, because such traffic does not exist. Network packets originating from an IPv4 interface cannot be addressed to an IPv6 destination address or vice versa.

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