For test purposes I build a VMware vSphere labenvironment on 2 ESXi hosts virtualized on VMware Workstation. First build I used NAT networking, second build bridged networking in VMware Workstation.

vCenter and ESXi versions 6.0 and 6.7

On Windows this is working flawlessly, VM's and vCenter are reachable on the bridged or NAT network, I got myself a working VMware vSphere environment.

On Fedora 28 I also installed VMware Workstation, and have both ESXi servers running and the vCenter + VM's started. ESXi servers are reachable to every other device on the subnet.

The problem: The VM's created on the ESXi host on the Fedora hosted VMware Workstation cannot reach the gateway and are not pingable on the Fedora host. The ESXi host running the VM's can ping the VM's over MGT interface (vm's are on VM Network portgroup). But the second ESXi host can also not ping the VM's.

Expected behaviour: The ESXi hosted VM's on "VM Network" should be able to reach the gateway on ether the NAT or Bridged VMware workstation connections provided to the ESXi hosts. Just like the Windows hosted VMware Workstation environment can succesfully do.

Troubleshooting used: arp -e, the IP's that cannot be pinged are visbile on Fedora VMware Workstation host with correct mac adress.

Firewalld turned off. Firewalld added all interfaces to default network zone.

I mounted the NTFS drive with the VM's on it (in first build I copied the VM's to Linux host on ext4 partition), so I have not yet tried with newly installed ESXi hosts.

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