I made a recording of this as it's never happened to me before and seemed pretty weird:


  1. Under which conditions would the bash completion database become corrupted?
  2. Where do the files live so I can wipe them?
  3. Should I be thinking about a new HDD right about now?


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This sort of thing usually happens because the terminal has been corrupted in some way, often by catting a binary file. Have you tried a reset?

If it really is the Bash history that is broken that is stored in ~/.bash_history.

  • That looks to be the case, thankyou for the info! Since reporting this I have had a server reboot and the issue seems to have resolved itself. Interestingly, prior to reboot it did persist between terminal sessions- not sure how to explain that... but I have a lot of things loaded in my profile on there so really, it could be a vast number of things :p
    – pospi
    May 30, 2018 at 0:12

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