I have created a RoleAssignmentPolicy called "DisabledForwardingRoleAssignmentPolicy" via Exchange admin center --permissions-- user roles.

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I would like to apply "DisabledForwardingRoleAssignmentPolicy" default to all new emails accounts to be created.

In gui of Exchange admin center, there seems to be no way to do this. So I did this by longing to office 365 in powershell.

Set-RoleAssignmentPolicy DisabledForwardingRoleAssignmentPolicy -IsDefault

The command successfully executed. and when I verify it via Get-RoleAssignmentPolicy it says DisabledForwardingRoleAssignmentPolicy is default.

Get-RoleAssignmentPolicy DisabledForwardingRoleAssignmentPolicy | select name,isdefault

Name                                   IsDefault
----                                   ---------
DisabledForwardingRoleAssignmentPolicy      True

But when I create a new email and when i go to recipients --mailboxes-- select user and mailbox features--- Role assignment policy, still the default policy is applied.

enter image description here

I have to change it manually to DisabledForwardingRoleAssignmentPolicy

What I'm missing here? Please shade a light.


You need to run "Set-MailboxPlan" cmdlet to change the default role assignment policy to the customize one.

First, run "get-mailboxplan" to confirm which plan your license is used, as below:

Get-MailboxPlan |fl identity,RoleAssignmentPolicy 

Then, run "Set-MailboxPlan" to change the RoleAssignmentPolciy to the customize one:

Set-MailboxPlan -Identity "Plan Name" -RoleAssignmentPolicy "DisabledForwardingRoleAssignmentPolicy"

I have test in my exchange online, it works as expected. enter image description here

  • You are truly a great resource to serverfault. thanks a lot for your time testing it before posting. I was googling and no correct path was found. It worked. – user879 May 30 '18 at 5:21

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