I'm trying to set up a CI environment to build and push a Docker image for a project. The Docker registry I'm trying to push to is a private registry that requires me to log in. I can log in to the registry using the docker login my-registry command.

I cannot change the configuration of the registry.

Currently I'm using a GitLab shell runner on my PC that builds the Docker image. The runner should be able to also log in to the registry by using the above mentioned command. The problem is that it of course needs the credentials.

I don't want to store the credentials in plain text somewhere the gitlab-runner user can access them directly because someone with access to the .gitlab-ci.yaml could then just do a cat password.txt or docker-credentials-secretservice get or something similar to retrieve the credentials.


  • Is there a way to store the credentials in such a manner that only docker login can access and decypher them and no other command that could be executed from .gitlab-ci.yaml?
  • Is there an alternative way to build and push a docker image to a private registry when I don't have access to the configuration of the registry?

in your runner machine, try su to gitlab-runner and docker login -u username private.host. Then the login credential will be stored in ~/.docker/config.json and it shall be good now for gitlab-runner docker cmds

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