I've got a super simple web application deployed using a Tomcat 8 instance on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. It works great.

I'm confused about the CPU usage, though. The AWS EB web console shows that it's using a constant 10-15% "CPU Utilization".

It's got no users yet, so it's getting only a few requests per hour (for trivial "hello world" pages) from me. It's running on a single instance, and when I ssh into it (with the handy "eb ssh"), I can see that it's not doing anything. "top" reports between 0% and 1% CPU usage, and the load average is a constant 0.00.

Why is the AWS EB console reporting 10-15% CPU usage? Am I actually 1/10th of the way to maxing out the CPU? What is this a percentage of?

  • From top, you mentioned usage but not idle. "Usage" as graphed should match (100% - idle%) ÷ number_of_vcpu. Remember that (e.g.) 6 seconds at 100% and 54 seconds at 0% would also graph as 10%. – Michael - sqlbot May 30 '18 at 11:01

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