I am working on servers without access to the Internet. I am uploading DSC modules to the server, E.g. AccessControlDSC.

The modules are being installed in c:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules

I unzip AccessControlDSC into the modules folder which adds:


If I run Get-DscResource The AccessControlDSC module does not show.

If I change the folder structure to:


And then run Get-DscResource the AccessControlDSC module does show.

The servers are Windows 2012R2 running PowerShell v4. For installing modules, does the version folder need to be removed so they are seen correctly by PowerShell V4? I have looked on PowerShell v5.1 machines and the version folder doesn't seem to pose an issue.

I am having a hard time finding references for the proper layout. Most searches seem to refer to Install-Module or PowerShellGet which isn't an option currently.

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