I have 5 domains viz.

  1. main.com
  2. sub1.com
  3. sub2.com
  4. sub3.com
  5. sub4.com

I have pointed the CNAME records of

  • sub1.com to sub1.main.com
  • sub2.com to sub2.main.com
  • sub3.com to sub3.main.com
  • sub4.com to sub4.main.com

And these are working as it suppose to even following the paths.

Yesterday I have installed Letsencrypt Wildcard SSL certificate for *.main.com and it also works pretty smoothly.

The question is: sub1.com, sub2.com,sub3.com and sub4.com also need SSL certificates and I thought as sub1.main.com sub2.main.com sub3.main.com and sub4.main.com have a valid SSL certificate and CNAME is mapped as shown above and hence the SSL certificates would work for sub1.com, sub2.com,sub3.com and sub4.com as well but unfortunately isn't.

Where am I going wrong in my assumption ? What can be the proposed solution to my query of having SSL certificates for sub1.com, sub2.com,sub3.com and sub4.com which has a CNAME pointed to main.com ?

Note: I can change CNAME or the A record of sub1.com, sub2.com,sub3.com and sub4.com if required.


You NEED to have certificate for the hostname shown in the address bar. This is a feature of the HTTP(S) protocol. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether you use CNAME or A in DNS. The web server is only aware of the Host: header and the hostname sent during the SNI negotiation. Your web server needs to be aware of that hostname in both virtualhost and SSL configuration.

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