I cannot open a port / port redirect to a computer on LAN2,3,4

Opening a port / port redirection works for LAN 1. (Tested with a webserver on port 80)

LAN#1 : 10.0.16.* LAN#2 : 10.0.15.*

It doesn't matter if Lan 2 Network configuration is set "For NAT Usage" or "For Routing Usage", neither work.

Firewall>>Diagnose - says the packets are not handled by the firewall.

Ports are open on the computer on Lan#2 I want to direct the port traffic to. (Tested with a webserver from Lan#1)

Inter-LAN Routing works for LAN1 - LAN2 (Webserver on Lan#2 uses a database on Lan#1, Lan#1 uses a webserver on Lan#2)

The Draytek, Vigor2926 management port do not conflict with the ports I want to open.

Open Port setting:

WAN Interface: All
Source IP: Any
Private IP: 10.0.15.X
TCP/UDP : 80 - 80

On a previous Draytek router all of this worked. I have 4 LANs 3 with a service to port forward.

I will try updating the firmware at some point.


Don't NAT. Don't redirect. Don't forward ports. Just route.

Make sure the router is set as default gateway on either side (or add static routes on all devices). Set up a firewall policy to allow routing in both directions. Go.

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