I am using LXD to manage Linux containers, and deleted a running container using lxd delete --force test. LXD is using a ZFS pool. The container was snapshoted periodically, is it possible to recover a container snapshot? Output from zpool history

2018-06-04.00:15:41 zfs destroy -r lxd/containers/test@snapshot-snap720
2018-06-04.00:15:42 zfs destroy -r lxd/containers/test@snapshot-snap721
2018-06-04.00:15:42 zfs destroy -r lxd/containers/test@snapshot-snap722
2018-06-04.00:15:43 zfs destroy -r lxd/containers/test@snapshot-snap723
2018-06-04.00:15:43 zfs destroy -r lxd/containers/test@snapshot-snap724
2018-06-04.00:15:43 zfs destroy -r lxd/containers/test@snapshot-snap725
2018-06-04.00:15:44 zfs destroy -r lxd/containers/test@snapshot-snap726
2018-06-04.00:15:44 zfs destroy -r lxd/containers/test@snapshot-snap727
2018-06-04.00:15:45 zfs destroy -r lxd/containers/test@snapshot-snap728
2018-06-04.00:15:45 zfs destroy -r lxd/containers/test@snapshot-snap729
2018-06-04.00:15:46 zfs rename -r lxd/containers/test@snapshot-snap730 lxd/containers/test@copy-a62a8fe6-863f-441c-86cc-62721f0a2f41
2018-06-04.00:15:46 zfs set mountpoint=none lxd/containers/test
2018-06-04.00:15:48 zfs rename -p lxd/containers/test lxd/deleted/containers/87190c6f-09d0-4b27-8a0e-9cd9c1e53728
2018-06-04.00:15:56 zfs destroy -r lxd/snapshots/test

I guess from the output that the latest snapshot was not destroyed, and only renamed, same for the container, is there any way to recover them?

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