I deployed an instance of Wowza Streaming Engine on Google Cloud thank Made a bucket in Google Cloud Storage and mounted it all with GCFUSE. My bucket connected with success and I can see in it and list but I can't write any file with gsutil nor with any FTP even with RSA Key. I also tried gcsfuse -o allow_other but nothing change. What am I doing wrong please help

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Summarizing our discussion at this Google Group thread, in order to successfully mount the bucket as a file system using Cloud Storage Fuse, and in addition to the proper Linux permissions, you need to set proper Google Cloud Storage permissions or role (through IAM) for the service account in use by the VM instance.

Therefore, and since the Compute Engine default service account has an editor role on the project, it is simplest to use it given that you assign the Cloud Storage Scope to the instance itself. For more details about the subject check this document.


By default, GCE instances run as "Compute Engine default service account" which only has read access to GCS objects.

To write to GCS from a GCE instance, do one of the following:

  • Create a service account that has the roles/storage.objectAdmin role
  • Add the roles/storage.objectAdmin role to your GCE default service account

To add the role to your GCE service account using the gcloud utility, run

gcloud iam service-accounts list

Then find the entry marked "Compute Engine default service account." It will have an email address like 1234567890123-compute@developer.gserviceaccount.com.

To add the role to the GCE service account, run these commands:

PROJECT_ID='' # Enter your GCP project ID
SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL='' # Enter the service account email you found above

gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding "$PROJECT_ID" \
  --member "serviceAccount:${SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL}" \
  --role roles/storage.objectAdmin

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