I am running a Magento 2.2.4 installation on php 7 and apache2. I have asked this on the Magento stackexchange as well but someoone suggested it might not be a magento-specific problem.

Sometimes after upgrading a module the CPU usage jumps to 100% resulting in at first 10 minute page loads which over a couple of hours gradually goes back to normal. Though right now it has been stuck at 1 minute+ page loads for 6 days, as opposed to the normal load time of less than 1 second.

I have had this problem a lot, sometimes it goes back to normal by itself and sometimes it works again after disabling and reenabling some modules that were recently upgraded and waiting a couple of hours.

If I look at an strace of the php-fpm: pool www processes there is a nearly endless stream of ENOENT errors, after a while the errors are less numerous but still a lot and still slow down the server.

Is there a way I could find out which scripts are causing this, or could anyone advice me how I could debug this issue? It doesn't seem like it is caused by a specific module and even running an upgrade when there are no modules to be updated can cause this to happen.

Strace on process immediately after upgrade

After about half an hour

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