Using PowerShell I can get all (current process) environment variables and format and sort them:

gci env: | %{"{0}={1}" -f $_.Name,$_.Value} | sort

which gives:


But that gives all process variables, and I want only the user variables, so I do:

[Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariables("User") | %{"{0}={1}" -f $_.Name,$_.Value} | sort

But that outputs this only:


The [Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariables("User") works, the stuff after is the problem.


The issue is that [Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariables("User") returns a hash table, not a collection of objects. There are several ways to get what you want. Here is one:

([Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariables("User")).GetEnumerator() | %{'{0} = {1}' -f $_.Key, $_.Value}

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