I have a domain : example.com hosted in AWS using Route 53

It has the following Record set

  • A: Alias
  • AAAA: Alias
  • MX: [..]
  • NS: [..]
  • SOA [..]
  • CNAME: *.example.com

The Alias is pointed to an elastic bean stalk in the US region.

My requirement is to have a site - alpha.example.com but this should point to an Elastic bean stalk in the UK region. In effect, access to www.example.com should go to US region and alpha.example.com needs to go to UK region. I need to consider that in future if I need beta.example.com to go to an elastic beans stalk in Singapore region, this should be possible as well.

  • Is this possible - How can I do it?
  • Is it a mistake to give CNAME: *.example.com and I am hoping I would need to change that?

Wildcard records in Route 53 only apply when a more specific record is not present.

Just create the records you need.

alpha.example.com would only match *.example.com when there is no record for alpha.example.com.

  • Thanks, I manage to do this by pointing DNS to CNAME - simple. – user4826347 Jun 19 '18 at 23:35

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