I am new to setting up Windows Server, so there is a small chance this may be my fault, but I have done nothing out of the ordinary, and this error has occurred twice after I installed software on the machine via a noVNC connection. The error is shown the image below:

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First time I connected to the machine with Windows Server 2016 looking completely newly installed. I was greeted my the Server Manager Roles and Features wizard, and I enabled the only role, and some of its features I assumed necessary, that being the role of Web Server, enabling IIS 10, and the .NET 3.5 and 4.6 app development features for ISS. This went quite smoothly.

I then installed the .NET Core Runtime 2.1, the .NET Core Hosting Bundle 2.1, and the ASP.NET Core runtime 2.1, using the install packages shown below:


I doubt, however, that any of the framework installations could alone make Windows unstable, as they are not at all active unless invoked by a process that requires and hosts the relevant framework. After the ISPs tech got the machine starting again after the first error, my .NET Core 2.1 web application worked correctly running under IIS, and the machine remained stable until two new installs later.

First I installed SQL Server Express 2016, as a default instance, but due to a power outage I could not remain connected to the server until the installation completed. It seemed to have failed, and when I tried to uninstall MSSQL to try a fresh install, I got an "Index out of bounds" error message from SQL Server Setup. I then tried a new install of a new, named instance of MSSQL, and that install worked correctly and the machine appeared stable.

Then, lastly, I ran the install for SQL Server Management Studio 2017, and that install apparently completed successfully. Yet on restarting the machine, I was able to log in, with Server Manager still popped up with the Roles and Features wizard window open. A few seconds later, the machine just shut down, and on attempting to connect, I find myself again stuck with the Windows Boot Manager error shown in the image above.

What intrigues me is the bottom of the error screen, with text that reads:

The operating system on your PC failed to turn off properly and needs to be repaired.

I fail to see how anything I installed could simply cause a stable Server 2016 to randomly (apparently) just shut down. So my real question is, is there some setup work I neglected to do before installing the new software, or is the Server 2016 VM unstable for some other reason that could be the fault of the VM host?

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