Windows Server 1804, just like 1709, has no UI - only terminal. I need to copy files from another Windows machine to Windows Server 1804 machine.

How to do that? (I was trying to use WinSCP, but it can't connect to Windows Server machine).

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WinSCP is a client that is used to connect to FTP/SFTP and similar protocols. As long as there is none of this enabled on the server, WinSCP won't help you here.

You would have to create a SMB share on the server with the command line tool net share which you can connect to from any other windows computer.

How to create Windows Shares with net share


Eventually, I mapped remote folder using this command:

Net use y: \\remoteaddress\folder

After that, I was able to perform a regular copy action as between two local folders.


You can use the net use command from the other answer with the admin share C$ on the remote server of another drive$ with robocopy.

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