We have Azure Azcopy configured on Ubuntu Server (16.04). The ini file we have created pulls data from a cloud storage account to the local Ubuntu system within Azure. When we run it manually, there are no issues.

However, we want to run it via a cron job every thirty minutes.

Here are the steps we have taken (we've tried variants from stack flow postings as well). Cron is running.

crontab -e

30 * * * * root /azcopy/azcopy --config-file "azcopy_run.ini"
  • crontab -l lists it fine

  • no errors in logging

Any guidance please?



run "crontab -e" as root (eg. with sudo), and enter

30 * * * * /azcopy/azcopy --config-file "azcopy_run.ini"

With good old standard cron, you don't specify a user.

But I find it hard to believe there are no errors. Cron usually mails them to the user that ran "crontab -e".

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