I'm trying to run a CGI application via Apache2, with the goal of Apache2 launching the application and then simply passing data back and forth for as long as the CGI keeps running. This is a custom application protocol.

I've tried no parse headers (NPH), where your CGI application starts with a line like "HTTP/1.1 200 OK", but Apache2 is returning internal error 500 when I try to do that. Is there some option to set to allow NPH headers?

Otherwise, how can I get Apache2 to launch an application and just go into a dumb transparent passthrough mode?

I'd like to avoid actually adding sockets to the application to run as a daemon and having mod_proxy or something do redirects to that daemon. Then I'd have to manage starting/killing instances of that, when Apache2 does a great job with CGI and so on as is.

EDIT 1 Ah, looking at the mod_cgi.c source code I figured out that renaming the CGI application with a "nph-" prefix enables the NPH mode. So, now it's passing through exactly what I sent from the CGI application, live... but it's not passing the client-side's data to the CGI app. I've tried GET and POST so far...

EDIT 2 Apache2 is closing stdin before calling the CGI application. How do I get Apache2 to continue to pass data from the client/requestor over stdin, instead of closing it? Is it possible to do so?

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