Here's the situation we are facing.

We have our client who has pointed their domain to cloudflare DNS [ we've set that domain already in our cloudflare account ]. Now the site is to be hosted via AWS S3 I've configured my bucket to run through route 53, but when I try to create A record entry in cloudflare pointing to route53 dns which looks like this : ns-212.awsdns-26.com but A record would always need an IP4 address. How do i go around it ?

How should I configure entry in cloudflare so it points correctly to my Route53 which in turn will point to S3 bucket.

Thanks in advance.


You need to create a CNAME to your S3 bucket rather than an A record. You can't have two providers running your DNS although you can delegate a subdomain to another provider if that is what you want to do.

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