I am trying to figure how to configure the second wireless router, but I got stuck while trying to get the following configuration:

  1. For all VLANs (0-3), the primary router is the DHCP server for IPv4 while the secondary router is the DHCP server for IPv6.
  2. The two routers are connected via a VLAN trunk.
  3. One of the four ports of the secondary router that a server is connected to must be made as a VLAN trunk port.
  4. All access points of the secondary router is bridged to VLAN 1 only.

How do I configure the secondary router for the above to work if the primary router is running Tomato while the secondary router is running DD-WRT?


I assume that you know how to configure the ports and the vlans so the question here really comes down to 'How can DHCP requests from different VLANs reach my DHCP servers?' You need to configure an ipv4-helper-address and an ipv6-helper-address on all vlans 0-3 where the v4- is the IP of R1 and v6- is R2.

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