Let's say I have a module, which generates some ids: module.tf:

resource "random_id" "etcdapiserver-id" {
  byte_length         = 4
  count               = "${var.etcd_apiserver_count}"


output "etcdapiserver_hostname_list" {
  value = ["${random_id.etcdapiserver-id.*.hex}"]

It seems to work fine and the list ends up in the output successfully:

terraform output --module=module

etcdapiserver_hostname_list = [

Now I want to use elements from this list in main terraform config. Let's say I'm creating several compute instances on openstack: main.tf:

resource "openstack_compute_instance_v2" "etcdapiserver" {
  count   = "3"
  name    = "etcdapi-node-${element(module.ignition.etcdapiserver_hostname_list.*, count.index)}"

But it would fail with

Error: resource 'openstack_compute_instance_v2.etcdapiserver' config: "etcdapiserver_hostname_list.*" is not a valid output for module "ignition"

Is there any way to do it? Thanks!


Terraform contributor answered my question on GitHub.

The general syntax for accessing the element of a list is list[index]. In your case, that would be something like module.ignition.etcdapiserver_hostname_list[count.index].

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