I have 3 app servers which are handled by nginx server.

upstream he {
    server h1.abc.example.com;
    server h2.abc.example.com;

How could I redirect requests request based on the some header value.Eg

  • abc-h1.abc.example.com should go to server h1.abc.example.com
  • def-h1.abc.example.com should go to server h2.abc.example.com

where -h1.abc.example.com is going be same for all requests

  • While technically it is a header value (Host header), these are destination domain names, which can be implemented easier than a generic header matching. Jul 7 '18 at 8:04

The most efficient way to do this would be with the server_name directive in multiple server blocks. Example:

server {
    server_name abc-h1.example.com;
    proxy_pass http://h1.example.com$request_uri;

server {
    server_name def-h1.example.com;
    proxy_pass http://h2.example.com$request_uri;

Obviously if you're not using NGINX as an HTTP proxy then replace proxy_pass with whatever directive is appropriate: fastcgi_pass, uwsgi_pass etc.

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