I have set up a linux VM running Ubuntu 16 using resource manager and image from the marketplace. I use only SSE encryption since I do not need extra data drive, and OS manged disk uses SSE encryption by default. I have enebaled every-day back up of the whole VM in Azure.

I would like to ask following questions regarding the VM:

  1. Is it possible to export a backup copy of the VM from azure? If yes, can the copy be restored outside of the azure using a third-party tool? If yes, how?
  2. Can the backup copy be restored on different azure account? If yes, how can I provide access to the backup copy to user with the different account? By different account I mean completely different user from other company...
  3. If there is a sudden outage in the region where the VM is placed, what are my options to keep the VM running and enable users to use it without any notice? Should I use for it Disaster recovery available from VM detail? If yes, does it switch location automatically or there are some actions required once the outage happen?

I read all the docs but still can not find satisfying answers for my questions, so I might be just missing something. Thanks for any information!

  • For the copy of backup, you can take a look at AzCopy, and if you want to use the VM without any notice when there is a sudden outage, you can follow the document Availability Set. – Charles Xu Jul 10 '18 at 7:32

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