I have a virtual machine with two disks, sda1 and sda2. I have a volume group (vg_linux) with these two physical volumes and I want to remove sda2 from this volume group. However, on this volume group, there is the root / logical volume, which is obviously mounted so I can't use vgreduce vg_linux /dev/sda2.

I can't add more disks or change the storage system in any way.

Does somebody have an idea of a way to remove sda2 from vg_linux ?


Ensure the free space in vg_linux exceeds the size of sda2. Then move the physical volume off to other PVs, and remove it.

pvmove /dev/sda2
vgreduce vg_linux /dev/sda2
pvremove /dev/sda2

Multiple partitions of the same disk in the same VG does not make much sense to me, there is no performance or administrative advantage. I prefer to create VGs on entire disks and skip the partition table: vgcreate vgdata /dev/sdb /dev/sdc.

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