We are replicating an on-premises setup on Office 365.

As per https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/exchange/mail-flow/set-transportconfig?view=exchange-ps the command Set-TransportConfig the switches:

-TLSSendDomainSecureList and -TLSReceiveDomainSecureList

are only available on-premise.

Any idea of the equivalent Office 365 PowerShell command please?


I believe that you can achieve the same configuration by using a combination of the Set-ReceiveConnector and Set-OutboundConnector cmdlets.

For receive, use a combination of the -RecipientDomains, -TlsDomain, and -TlsSettings parameters.

Similarly for send, use the -DomainSecureEnabled, -RecipientDomains, -RequireTls, -TlsDomain, and -TlsSettings parameters.

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