How do we migrate the content of all websites and app pools including any settings on a IIS6 server to another IIS6 server without using tools? I dont have access to install any tools on the servers as the servers have restrictions. However I can use any commandline or scripts to perform the actions necessary. I have looked up and found that almost every solution suggests using either web deploy tool or IIS migration tool. Is there a way we can do this without tools?

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    In IIS6 you could export/import the metabase using an option in the right-click menu of the server node in the IIS MMC. Whether or not you can then copy the System32\InetSrv\MetaBack folder to another machine and re-import it, I don't know -- I've never tried!! (hence, comment rather than answer). – jimbobmcgee Jul 17 '18 at 12:29

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