I would like to know if there exists an option within freeipa to force the creation of local user accounts when user connects to some host and not only create /home/username folder.

Some software needs local user account (rstudio server free as an example) and are not able to deal with the ldap authentication.

Would you know if some other centralized account management tools have this feature ?

Thank you for your help

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    I don't get why this should matter at all if the tool authenticates against the system. It's PAM's job to deal with the remote system for auth and RStudio wouldn't even come in contact with LDAP. Anyway, I very much doubt FreeIPA would be able to create a local user, and I doubt others wouldn't either because this is not their task at all. Instead, create the users as part of your deploy process. – Sven Jul 17 '18 at 12:42

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