I have compile my own RT kernel for ubuntu 16.04 but when i try to use the perf or cpupower tool it says "cpupower not found for kernel 4.4.138-myrt". Then even if i have install the linux-tools-generic pack it still shows the error message.

How i can have the same tools working correctly for my custom kernel?

I also tried to compile perf by myself(using the /perf folder inside my kernel source) and when i execute the new created perf executable this error happens:

No kallsyms or vmlinux with build-id 32f86e286f276d0675a5497da2c53c1a8218b3ec was found [kernel.kallsyms] with build id 32f86e286f276d0675a5497da2c53c1a8218b3ec not found, continuing without symbols Warning: A vmlinux file was not found. Kernel samples will not be resolved.

Also how i can install that perf executable to be executed everywhere(right now i can only call it inside the linux/tools/perf folder).

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