We're using a QNAP NAS in order to host our Shared folders which are accessible to users running Windows 10 workstations on a domain with Windows 2008 R2 servers, as well as some Linux VMs used for backup. We recently physically moved the NAS which required it to be shutdown and brought back online. Once online, the NAS interface presented a message that the volumes were inconsistent and an integrity check needed to be performed. IT performed the integrity check and it seemed as if all was well.

Two issues were encountered. A group "Unix Group\400014" was found to have Full Control over all of the shared folders. We have been unable to find this group anywhere in AD, within the various security settings in the QNAP interface or even by looking at the /etc/group folder on the QNAP filesystem itself. We hypothesize that as part of the integrity check, the NAS may have created the group in order to have Full Control over the files to perform the integrity check and deleted the group afterward. We're thinking the random numbers may be sort of an id that was left over after the group was removed.

Additionally, after the integrity check a bunch of users who had access to individual folders have been randomly removed from those folder permissions. Could this have been due to the integrity check? Is there anything to do aside from just re-adding those users?

I've looked through the QNAP forums and manuals and can't find any reference to this group.

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