I would like to understand the output of lsof -i, come with below response

below, it looks like mystance is making outbond connection with however on port section it says cfinger .i.e.

what is cfinger here ?

commad PID    USER     FD   TYPE     Device    SIZE/OFF  NODE  NAME

java  13376  jmxtrans  28u   IPv4    58123807    0t0     TCP    myinstance:339976-> (SYN_SENT)
java  13376  jmxtrans  29U   IPv4    58125689    0t0     TCP    myinstance:339977-> (SYN_SENT)

If you run lsof -P it will return port number and not the service as defined in /etc/services.

So Java is running on whatever port cfinger is defined as in /etc/services. You could also just run grep cfinger /etc/services to find out what port it is as well.

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