I am trying to set up a file distribution to a couple of registered users. I am experimenting with GCS. The files must not be publicly available without logging in even temporarily.

I have created a bucket, given permissions to a specific google account, and done the same with the actual file in the bucket. When I try to access


I am promptly presented with a login page, and when I login with the proper credentials, I am redirected to 403 Forbidden page.

If I do not access the file directly but navigate to


instead, I can see the file there in the bucket and when I click it, also download it by clicking it, which means permissions are correct (I have granted legacy bucket reader and legacy object reader). But I seem also able to modify the bucket settings like storage (near/local/whatever), which in this case would be less than optimal.

How do I solve this? How can I make it so that by knowing the exact URL, a user can access it, log in with their credentials and then receive the file, without having access to the actual bucket and its settings? How can I make the direct link to work, just to include Google authentication in between?

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