We're looking for best practices on how to setup Projects, APIs, and keys based on our development environment & APIs that we use. In short:

  1. We use Google APIs for maps, latitude / longitude, routing, visualizations and a few others.
  2. We have 4 development environments from Test > Demo > UAT > Production

Should we setup different projects for each environment with API keys, or setup one project with different keys for each environment? Is there a Google Test environment that we can use for our Test environments so we don't get charged for test scenarios?


You should have a separate project for each functional team; it lets you manage better the permissions for each team, and also it will provide a way to control the cost for each environment. In the document Best practices you will find many concepts and recommendation for enterprises.

About the test environments without costs, the answer is no all project on Google Cloud have to be associated to a Billing Account. However, you can take advantage of the Always Free Usage Limits for Google Cloud solutions. The same should be applied for there MAPS, ROUTES, AND PLACES

Finally, you can use Budget Alerts in order to be alerted when your projects reach out the limit you define, it will help you to control costs.

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