I am using MongoDB v2.6.10

This is my configuration file, /etc/mongodb.conf

# mongodb.conf

# Where to store the data.

#where to log


bind_ip =
#port = 27017

# Enable journaling, http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Journaling

When I am starting the MongoDB server,

sudo service mongodb restart

This error is showing,

exception in initAndListen: 28574 Cannot start server. Detected data files in /var/lib/mongodb created by storage engine 'wiredTiger'. The configured storage engine is 'mmapv1'., terminating

I am not sure why it is taking wiredTiger engine, when I have not configured it anywhere.


I am using MongoDB v2.6.10

Probably not. WiredTiger wasn't introduced until 3.0. You likely have had multiple MongoDB binaries on the host and the last one that was running was 3.0+ and using WiredTiger. Move the database files from /var/lib/mongodb or set the --dbpath to a different directory when you start 2.6.10.

If you want to use databases that are stored in WiredTiger, you'll need to launch a 3.0+ version of MongoDB using WiredTiger, mongodump the database to BSON files, then mongorestore into the 2.6 instance running mmapv1.

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