Due to upgrading the ovirt self-hosted engine I had the cluster in global maintenance mode. I was not aware, that issuing shutdown -r now within the engine VM will in fact not reboot the engine, but will only make it shutdown. After reading the engine troubleshooting guide once again I now know better.

For reasons unknown the root password for the node the engine is running on, is unknown. Thus I cannot get into the node via shell or web interface.

So... If I'd deactivate the global maintenance mode on a different node of the cluster that is capable of running the engine by issuing a hosted-engine --set-maintenance --mode=none, would this trigger a restart of the hosted engine ?

The cluster is running ovirt 4.1.9.

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To answer my own questions: Yes this is what will happen. When an ovirt cluster is in global ha maintenance mode and the hosted engine vm has been shut down, it can be started again by issuing this command on a node that is capable of running the hosted engine.

# hosted-engine --set-maintenance --mode=none

Give the system some minutes to gather its status. Then the engine should be up again.

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