I'm trying to set up an old surplus server in my home to work as a NAS. I have it configured in the UEFI with 4 HDDs working in RAID 1. I have a 5th hard drive I had lying around, so I threw it in there and that'll hold the OS.

That's the plan.

I've tinkered around with some Linux distros, and I struggle to get Linux to work for me. I'm a noob to both servers and Linux.

All the Linux distros I tried installed with no problem (Puppy, CentOS7 and Ubuntu Server).

Windows Server 2016 needs some kind of media driver(s) that appear to be missing. It's not particularly specific about what it wants. I've gone to IBM Fix Central and found my machine, but there are some 76 or more packages I could download, and I have no idea which one I should try...if any.


Extra: General details about my tower server are here: 4GB RAM 5015 RAID Controller, 4x 146GB HDDs

Edit: Forgot to mention, I'm installing via USB. I downloaded the ISO, used cmd prompt commands to format the stick, set up the partition and so on. I followed some online guides here:

Edit 2: I've collected some screens of what's going on so you can see for yourself. 1 is the initial screen, asking for language and region, then the install button, then the setup is starting screen...and then the vague request for drivers:


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    Windows can't tell you what driver it needs because it doesn't know, hence the message during install. What you need to do is to find out what hard drive controller is installed in the server and download that driver. You can probably figure it out during POST by watching the on screen messages. – joeqwerty Jul 28 '18 at 23:19

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