I have a KVM image running on a Zvol in linux that is a block device containing an ext4 partition. It is snapshotted regularly and pushed to a FreeNAS box for backup. If I ever need to recover a single file from one of these snapshots, in Linux I'm able to zfs clone the snapshot, which creates a device node in /dev/zvol for both the block device and the partition, which I can successfully mount.

In FreeNAS, however, I only see a device node for the block device. If I run fdisk on it, I can see the partition, but I can't find a way to mount it.

zfs clone backups/txa/data/vm-400-disk-1@2018-07-30:10:56:15 backups/txa/test-400
fdisk /dev/zvol/backups/txa/test-400

The data for partition 1 is:
sysid 131 (0x83),(Linux native)
start 2048, size 314572800 (153600 Meg), flag 80 (active)
    beg: cyl 0/ head 32/ sector 33;
    end: cyl 1023/ head 254/ sector 63

On VM of FreeNAS install any linux distro and map this volume to this VM as additional map point recover your files in general way when this point is mounted.

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