I have a persistent disk named foo that I would like to attach to an instance I create. I run the following command

gcloud beta compute --project=myproject instances create myinstance --machine-type=n1-standard-4 --disk=device-name=foo,name=foo

However, when I look at the instances and run sudo lsblk the disk appears under name sdb instead of foo. What am I doing wrong?


The device special is set by Linux and will always be sd# something. But it can change depending on the sequence that persistent disks are attached to the instance.

Setting an ID will cause a persistent link to be added in /dev/disk/by-id using that name that always refers to the disk. For instance, if you name the disk foo then you will get a link /dev/disk/by-id/google-foo which always points to the correct sd# device special. You can then use that link (and/or the corresponding partition links, after the disk is partitioned) to refer to the disk.

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