I installed the Microsoft's Keyboard drivers for my Natural Ergonomic 4000.

My customized keyboard is now broken. I want to uninstall the drivers. I removed the buttons for MS keyboard at Preferences, but this did not remove the drivers.

How can you uninstall the keyboard drivers?


There should be an uninstaller application in your Utilities folder (/Applications/Utilities/) called either IntelliPoint UnInstaller.app or IntelliType UnInstaller.app

If those are not available, the extensions are saved in /System/Library/Extensions - namely MicrosoftMouse.kext and MicrosoftKeyboard.kext. In order to safely remove these you will want to run the commands:

sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/MicrosoftMouse.kext
sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extenstions/MicrosoftKeyboard.kext

before dragging the files to your trash. If you don't it may not allow you to delete them until you restart.

Lastly, under /Library/Keyboard Layouts there may be a file called Microsoft Keyboards.bundle you can drag to the trash and delete as well.

kextunload stands for kernel extension unload.

Credit to Suspicious Package for the details on the installer.

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