Can I use a P410i RAID Controller in the HP DL360 "e" version G8 server? I currently have several G7 boxes with 410i's in them, working fine. I see listed in the QuickSpecs for the DL360"e" versions that the P420 is listed as the "performance" model - but I'm wanting to buy a refurb unit with a B120i and then upgrading to a 410. Do I need to use a 420 card instead?

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According to the matrix, only P420i is officially compatible with HP Gen8 servers. I'd suggest you to use that one instead of P420i


You should use a P420i. There are also some DL360e units equipped with P420i controllers.

I'd avoid anything with a B120i card.

Don't use a P410i (2009-2012 era) in a Gen8 (2012-2015) system.

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