I need help with a strategy on how to think regarding IIS - URL rewrite - Application Request Routing.


Let's say that I can access my web server from outside my wifi via http://2X0.2X1.2X2.2X3 (this is how it works today). My IIS webserver respond to a request with a web page (port 80). Fine, I understand how it works.

In a close future, I also need to to deal with external systems posting data to my node-red server instance. The node-red server instance resides on the same Windows 10 computer but it answers on another port (1880)

This is what I want to achieve:

If I make an external request to http://2X0.2X1.2X2.2X3/myHomePage/2/34/56, something (IIS?) should translate it to (inside my wifi)

http://2X0.2X1.2X2.2X3/api/switch/turnOn/20, should translate to

http://2X0.2X1.2X2.2X3/api/switch/turnOff/20, should translate to

My question: I am pretty sure that IIS URL rewrite / Application Request Routing can help me here but I am not sure how to achieve it. How should the rules look like? Should I use URL rewrite?

Edit 1:

Im trying to depict my situation here: enter image description here


You can use IIS inbound rewrite rule. It will be something like this:

For myHomePage:

enter image description here

For api:

enter image description here

May be I lost the point somewhere, but I think logic is right.

p.s. Edited my answer.

  • Little mistake, {REQUEST_URI} shoud be will slash: /(.*) – warder Aug 3 '18 at 4:22
  • Just one more thing. How do I deal with the situation 2X0.2X1.2X2.2X3/myHomePage vs 2X0.2X1.2X2.2X3/api? They need to be redirected to different ports inside my wifi. – Hauns TM Aug 3 '18 at 5:20
  • I updated my question with an image @warder. – Hauns TM Aug 3 '18 at 7:31

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