I have a really weird problem with a fiber connection.

I have 2x2 fibers OM4 G50/125 between two rooms, room A & B (fiber length approximately 20m).

I have two switches, a Huawei CE6810 and a HP 2530-48G-2sfp+ (each has a sfp+ module).

1) When I have the switches side by side, connected via fiber it works.

2) When I have one switch in room A, and the other in room B connected via fiber it does not work

HUAWEI -- A ---------- B -- HP 

A = room A, B = Room B, - = fiber connection

3) When I connect one of the fiber pairs between the rooms to the other one (so both ends in Room A) and connect both switches it works.

HUAWEI -- A ---------- B 
     HP-- A ---------- B 

This utilizes the same fiber connection, the total length is just double. I have no idea how to even start looking for the problem.

thanks Daniel


I feel so stupid, of course I should have just checked the polarity of the cable (is it called polarity in english?)

2 Patch Cables --> not patched 3 Patch Cables --> patched again.

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