We want to install an on premise Kubernetes cluster. We have a license for RHEL and RHEL atomic. I know Red Hat has its own Kubernetes based platform called OpenShift. OpenShift can be installed on Centos7/RHEL7 but I read it's the best to install it on RHEL7 Atomic because this OS is optimized for containerization.

Now we don't really want OpenShift but we prefer Kubernetes. Is it possible/supported to install Kubernetes on RHEL 7 Atomic?

Kubernetes is showing as prerequisites:

One or more machines running one of:

    Ubuntu 16.04+
    Debian 9
    CentOS 7
    RHEL 7
    Fedora 25/26 (best-effort)
    HypriotOS v1.0.1+
    Container Linux (tested with 1576.4.0)

Does RHEL7 include RHEL7 atomic?


RHEL Atomic Host is a lightweight version of RHEL server optimised for microservices; it also supports Kubernetes single/master node implementation. If you consider provisioning you cluster in a wide range of services, have a look at OpenShift Container Platform which provides multi-host orchestration.

Here is the Link with steps for a Kubernetes cluster implementation on RHEL Atomic Host.


Yes you can. Because kubernetes can run in containers like coreos. You can take a look at kubespray project at github.com. It says that CentOS Atomic is supported. Red Hat Atomic and CentOS are the same.

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